What's Going On With Gabriel Now

 G abriel's one man show THE RIME was a sold out hit at The Virginia Arts Festival! THE RIME concluded to TWO standing ovations and gifts from the audience. Gabriel is thankful to Rob Cross, the Artistic Director of Virginia Arts Fest, and Martha Goode of Goode Productions, for bringing THE RIME to Virginia. Special thanks to Associate Producer Cara Jean McCarthy for creative design, publicity, fundraising, love and care to THE RIME from its genesis to full production. THE RIME is now being considered by theatres nationally and abroad for its next run. Please view photos of THE RIME on the GALLERY page and also on Facebook

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Gabriel is currently in rehearsals for "Life's A Dream" by Pedro Calderon de la Barca (the Shakespeare of Spain) with Magis Theatre Company. Gabriel is a founding member of Magis Theatre which is having their 10 year anniversary. Gabriel is extremely excited to be working on this extraordinary play!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CKO Kickboxing Instructor
Shakespeare Aficionado
Columbia MFA Graduate
Lacrosse Player and Cellist
Spanish Speaking
Founding Member Magis Theatre


 A  journey of a sailor to hell and back! A legendary adventure filled with spirits, zombies, sea-monsters, angels and earth-shattering storms. Since its debut in 2010 this performance of the epic poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge published in 1798, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner has been bursting with mirth, joy, tears, fear, darkness, heartbreak, sorrow, desperation, elation and enlightenment. A stunning experience of redemption. In his remarkable theatricalization Gabriel creates an extraordinary tapestry of spellbinding, supernatural characters in this epic tale of redemption and enlightenment. The Mariner and the infamous Albatross, hung about his neck as a heavy burden of guilt, as well as Death and his consort, all come to life in Gabriel's "mesmerizing and tormented," "gripping and energized" solo performance. "Captivating", "riveting", "poignant", "a haunting, gripping show!" (Audience Reviews: Theatre Row, NYC):

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